eCommerce Partners

Did you know NCR CounterPoint is eCommerce ready? Want to know the best part? CounterPoint does most of the heavy lifting by pushing your inventory up to your online store and pulling sales down for fulfillment. In most cases, the only missing link is the shopping cart integrator which links CounterPoint to your site.

If you’re ready to elevate your Counterpoint system, we’re ready to help! Integration utilities exist for major e-commerce platforms including Magento, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, and Shopify. There are also options for selling on Amazon and eBay. We are proud to offer integrated CounterPoint eCommerce solutions to all of our customers!

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If you’d like to learn more about these our recommended companies please click on their logo to be redirected to their website.

RDI offers a high-end integration to Magento. They include full Magento capabilities, support multiple plug-ins and customizations, along with multiple websites. RDI can provide Magento customizations and host or outsource these components to third parties. They also offer some Woo Commerce and Shopify integrations.

Contact Kurt Beeken 503-644-5301 or

Computer SOS offers a replacement product, and migration routines for both CPOnline and NRO (NCR Retail Online). The solution is limited to a single web site, with minimal customizations and minimal flexibility. While more powerful than NRO, this is still an NRO like solution that limits Magento customizations and is bundled with hosting. A good solution for an existing NRO client that is happy with the features and the transaction costs of NRO.

Contact Connie Stives at 716-635-0086 or

Modern Retail offers a lower end CounterPoint integration to Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce and Shopify – the four most popular web shopping cart solutions on the market today. Their solution relies on-web-site integrated credit card processing, order shipping, and fulfillment resulting in a completed ticket being integrated with CounterPoint. In some cases, additional web-based shipping software is required to fully implement the solution. Customizations and hosting are not offered with their solution.

Contact Todd Myers at 800-640-1826 or

CPShop is an affordable and proven eCommerce solution that fully integrates into Counterpoint and offers features like Integrated Credit Cards through Securepay, Buy Online/Pickup in Store (curbside), Gift Cards, Accounts Receivable, Contracting Pricing, and Counterpoint Kits. CPShop was developed by Mainspring who has been supporting NCR Counterpoint clients for over 30 years. 

Contact Mike Roth at (800) 865-1427 or