Furniture & Home Accessories

CounterPoint POS software offers those in the home decor business a wide range of tools that can handle specific tasks such as extended finance plans, special orders, and cash and carry sales. With Inventory Management you can group by types of furniture to keep your warehouse organized into simple categories such as “living room”, or “kitchen”. The Advanced Pricing feature also allows you the ability to assign multiple prices to a single item, accounting for any number of different options that might be available in a set.

 Beneficial features for Home Accessory Retailers:

  • Sales, orders, and special orders can be processed in the same transaction
  • Sales commission can be calculated in real-time during the purchase, and four sales associates can be assigned per ticket.
  • Automate orders and special order information, like fabric choices, to purchasing for custom merchandise
  • Create sales kits that can manage entire sets of furniture as a single purchase
  • Easy touchscreen training for new employees
  • 2-second credit card authorization helps you move the line along quickly
  • Financing plans are included right in the POS
  • Track several dimensions of a single product at once, allowing complete customization for every cashier’s station

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