Heartland Retail

Have you been looking to make the change to cloud-based point-of-sale but still need a powerful software? We’ve got the solution for you! Heartland Retail, formerly Springboard, is an all-encompassing system that will help revoluionize your business.

Point of Sale

Heartland Retail offers a powerful and encompassing Retail POS! Now you can track sales, track inventory, and stay up to date from home or anywhere you can access your smartphone!

Mobile Payments

It has never been easier to complete mobile sales. With Heartland, you are able to complete sales on the fly with your smartphone or tablet. Need to validate curbside order or complete a sale curbside? Don’t worry! Making mobile sales has never been so easy!

Online Payments

Being able to sell your products anywhere helps to give your company a foot up on everyone else. When your customers can access your inventory 24/7 your business can sell 24/7 no matter the circumstances. Heartland also integrates with many top eCommerce platforms to help streamline your existing process.

Email Marketing

Want an integrated email marketing program? With Heartland Smart Email Marketing it has never been easier to communicate with your customers. You can simply and quickly keep your customers updated on store hours, sales or promotions, and shopping options no matter the circumstances.

Virtual gift Cards

Ditch the physical gift cards with Heartland’s virtual gift cards! Whether your customers want to show some support or send a friend a gift, the virtual gift card shas made it simpler than ever!