NCR Retail Applications

NCR Retail Applications are built to streamline and simplify your businesses daily processes while seamlessly integrating with your NCR CounterPoint Point-of-Sale system.

NCR Secure Pay

Secure Pay is NCR’s credit card processing application that has your back covered with multiple layers of security. All credit card data is encrypted throughout the process creating peace of mind for you and your customers. With NCR Secure Pay credit card payments are processed in a PCI-DSS compliant manner outside of your local system through the NCR Secure Pay host. Point-to-point encryption is also used to reduce the likelihood of a security breech when the data is being transmitted to the host server.  Rather than holding card data locally in your store a token version of the credit card information is held locally. This allows you to access the transactions while keeping all credit card information encrypted and secure.

Smart Alerts

Have texts or emails sent directly to your phone with NCR’s SmartAlert retail application. Know what is happening in real time at all of your retail locations with this easily customized app. Set up alerts to monitor store operations such as low inventory, cash on hand notifications, and notification that no one has clocked in. Receive sales figures at the end of work days to track and monitor all of your store operations and keep your stores operating efficiently. Track your clerks activity to know when the store has been opened, when someone has logged into the system, if a high number of orders are pending, and if a large sale is rung up or refunded. Prevent fraud with alerts about large price overrides, multiple “no sale” transactions, returns outside of operating hours, large discounts, and more.  SmartAlerts lets you be everywhere at once!


Move freely around your store, process sales at trade shows, move lines along quicker, and connect with your customers with NCR CounterPoint Mobile (CP mobile). Step away from the POS terminal and help your customers where they need you with any current iOS device (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). CP Mobile gives you the power to manage your inventory easily and conveniently from the palm of your hand. Know instantly how much of an item you have in stock at all of your locations, check the price quickly for your customer, and move inventory from location to location. One of the most important functions of CP  Mobile is it’s POS capabilities which allows you to complete a sale from start to finish wherever you have an internet connection. Scan or hand key in items, take credit card payment (cash and A/R capable as well), print or email receipts, process returns, make orders for customers, and apply discounts on all iOS devices. Connect with your customers on a more personal level by helping them where they are, while still having access to their customer record.

Customer Connect

NCR Customer Connect (CC) is a fully integrated email marketing system that helps you send targeted emails to customers based on their history with your business. CC  pulls its data directly from your CounterPoint POS system giving it access to purchasing history, loyalty point information, opt-in date, and more. Segmented lists are automatically created and pulled from your CP system allowing you to send highly targeted and personalized emails to your customers. This allows you to set up recurring emails that target customers who regularly purchase specific items from you (i.e. running spikes, dog food, etc.) and send them reminders or related emails about those items. With Customer Connect it is easy to get your customers the information that matters to them and reduce the amount of “spam” emails they receive from you. The database also scans the emails and flags duplicates, invalid emails, or customers who have opted out to assure your are only sending emails to actual customers. This cuts down on your cost by making sure your monthly subscription fee is based on accurate information. All of this functionality and more is included in your subscription!


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