Pet Rewards Plus

Pet Rewards POS

Your point-of-sale system should make running your business a breeze! Pet Rewards POS was created to fit the specific needs of the pet industry with the help of pet businesses like yours.
Have you been looking for the perfect POS for your company?
Look no further!
  • Exclusively available from Soft Intelligence, Inc
  • Integrates seamlessly with your NCR CounterPoint POS system
  • Seamlessly integrates with Astro Loyalty
  • Helps to streamline your business processes
  • Automatically tracks each customer’s purchase of qualifying items
  • Allows you to market to customers based on the type of pets they own
  • Makes redemption of loyalty points fast and easy to cut down on register time
  • Removes all of the time you used to spend tracking UPC codes and filling out paperwork for vendors
  • Simplifies the donation process by automating it
  • Easily select who you want to donate the reward points to
  • Cuts out all of the paperwork and wait time for donations!

In the pet industry, it’s not enough to market great products. You need to differentiate yourself in a highly aggressive industry where you are competing against large chains and serving a demanding, price-sensitive and Internet-savvy clientele. Fortunately, NCR makes it easy to build a rewarding retail business.
We deliver a retail management system powering business for merchants of all sizes. We want to help you add to your bottom line by increasing sales and reducing costs. Our POS functionality helps you execute transactions efficiently, while our back-office capabilities give you tools to optimize operational performance.

If you want to learn more visit our Pet Rewards POS website!