Retail Enhancements

SII has an extensive library of enhancements that can help any retailer run their business smoothly. We are always listening to our customers and developing new solutions that help enhance their overall experience with CounterPoint. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of these products please call us or email us today.

Accounts Receivable Plus

Ready to enhance your customer table with new fields? With A/R Plus you can add in new fields like average days to pay, last days to pay, Customer YTD, Last Year, and Life to Date sales. These values are calculated for A/R customers as soon as cash receipts are posted. End of day posting routines automatically keeps the totals up to date. Plus more! Call today to learn more.

A/R Plus Enhanced

Need all the functionality of A/R Plus but with the ability to track recurring billing? A/R Plus Enhanced gives you just that in a streamline and functional format. Call today to learn more.

Barcode Plus

Our Barcodes Plus Enhancement allows you to do “fast mode” barcode entry on all non-POS transactions. Instead of the old school way of scan and save then add, Barcodes Plus allows you to scan, scan, scan! This works for most CounterPoint inventory movement transactions. Call today to learn more.

Commissions Plus

Need to accommodate for commissions? Commissions Plus accommodates commissions by item, by sales rep, and SPIFF’s by item. It also offers enhanced commission reporting and allows you to edit actual costs in ticket history to calculate commissions on special order items. Call today to learn more.

Loyalty Plus

Do you have an ongoing charity program? We’ve got an easy solution for customers to donate their loyalty points! Loyalty Plus enhances CounterPoint’s loyalty program processing to include the ability to donate loyalty points to charities, enhances touchscreen functions, allows one-time donations at check out, or customers can enroll in automated monthly donation programs. Call today to learn more.

Memberships Plus

Are you currently running an annual or monthly membership program? With Membership Plus annual and monthly membership are now automated. You don’t have to worry about tracking recurring charges, searching for qualifying discounted items or applying membership discounts to sales. Plus more! Call today to learn more.

Purchasing Plus

Enhanced POS through customer-specific orders and purchasing. Includes POS line notes and prompts automatically transferred to customer-specific PO’s. Includes the ability to define Vendor purchase minimums with override capabilities. Vendor small order/drop ship fees can be auto-applied and cancel/ship dates auto-calculated. Alternative Drop ship functionality. Call today to learn more.

Promotions Plus

If you run special promotions at your store you need Promotions Plus! On top of enhancing existing functionality, you can now restrict promo codes to one-time use with an expiration date, restrict default/cash customers, and more. This also includes all the functionality of Loyalty Plus and offers round-up donations at the register to the charity specified by the store. Call today to learn more.

Rewards Plus

Rewards Plus gives retailers the power to track “pet food bag’ rewards programs efficiently and automatically with more data then ever before! With R+ all the data you need to keep your customers up-to-date and manufacturers happy can be found in one place. R+ also integrates Astro, the online pet loyalty program. Plus so much more! Call today to learn more.

Roundup Donations

Roundup Donations is a very straightforward product that gives your system a big upgrade! It adds a touchscreen button to easily add round-up donations to any sale. It also allows each store to have a unique donation and cash receipts automatically include the donation. Call today to learn more.

Transfer Orders Plus

Whether you’re transferring merchandise between store locations or from your distribution center Transfer Orders Plus can help! It adds transfer by replenishment, includes transfer verify, and allows the user to scan items on transfer and verify the correct items are being transferred. Call today to learn more.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management takes the roof off of your warehouse. You can define an unlimited number of bin locations with user-definable labels and track inventory quantities by bin location.It also includes putaway, move, receiving, shipping, etc. Plus more! Call today to learn more.