Apparel & Accessories

Beneficial features for Apparel Retailers:

  • Three-dimensional size grid
  • User-definable fields for monograms, embroidery, alterations, and notes
  • Suggested items and linked items display in real-time
  • Bulk discounts and markdowns for groups are easily handled from a single screen
  • Automatically calculate sales rep commissions
  • Monitor sales reps productivity
  • View reorder alerts tied to inventory levels, backorders, in-transit merchandise, and stocking levels all from one terminal
  • Using the Merchandise Analysis feature you can:
    • evaluate the current and past performance of every item in your inventory
    • offers valuable data on when to announce sales or discounts
  • Integrated gift card programs
  • Built-in customer layaway programs
  • Instant credit card authorizations to keep long lines at bay
  • Customer loyalty programs and integrated customer e-mail marketing campaigns

As an apparel and clothing retailer, you know that it is important to keep your inventory updated and customers loyal.  Only NCR offers the apparel retailer a complete point-of-sale solution. This includes CounterPoint SQL retail software, retail-specific hardware, integrated eCommerce sales, and marketing. Plus with local retail experts like Soft Intelligence to provide on-going support and assistance; it really is the whole package!

Looking for a POS that offers customer relationship management features right out of the box? With NCR Customer Connect you can track customers and their purchases in one place. This gives your company the ability to use send personalized emails with personalized recommendations.

CounterPoint comes stocked with an inventory management system, touchscreen point of sale ticket entry, automated purchasing, customer loyalty programs, detailed sales history tracking, and a comprehensive set of reports and key performance analysis tools. Your inventory automatically updates after every transaction, keeping you updated on what’s in stock. Control your purchasing, and even open an online store through their user-friendly interface. Contact Soft Intelligence today to join the hundreds of retailers who are finding new freedom with CounterPoint POS.