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NCR is the leading provider of retail store technology for shoe and footwear merchants across North America. The CounterPoint POS system comes equipped out-of-the-box with shoe store features such as three dimensional sizing grids, robust customerloyalty programs, the ability to view transaction histories from the moment of processing, unlimited barcode additions, and more.

CounterPoint includes a robust inventory management system, touchscreen point of sale (POS) ticket entry, built-in customer loyalty programs, automated purchasing and reporting capabilities. Instant inventory updates let you know what’s in stock, on order, and in transit. If you need to track your customers, control your purchasing, or open an online store, CounterPoint comes with everything you’ll need to streamline your business and raise the bottom line.

Contact Soft Intelligence today to join the hundreds of footwear retailers who are benefitting from CounterPoint POS. Our dedication to the shoe business includes membership in the National Shoe Retailors Association and annual participation in many of the Shoe Travelers Shows.

Beneficial features for Footwear Retailers:

  • Three dimensional grid for inventory, ordering, and reporting in color/size/width
  • Size-based pricing lets you define when larger sizes of particular items will cost a higher price than usual
  • Manage sales, returns, orders, layaways, and special requests all on the same ticket
  • Programmable touchscreen interface lets you tailor the register to your needs while making the system easy to use and easy to train
  • Suggest items, substitute items and link items depending on the customer’s purchase
  • Multi-store capabilities come standard, enabling you to easily view and transfer items from store to store in any sized chain
  • Track customers favorite size or color of shoe with user-specific profiles
  • Built in credit card terminals let you swipe directly from the cashier
  • Data import routines allow you to easily add new styles/items
  • Open-databases easily export your information out of CounterPoint directly into other programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Integrates with hand held data collectors for physical count, receiving, ordering and transferring inventory, by size/color, with a simple barcode scan
  • Additional modules to automate commercial safety shoe billing  and shoe mobiles; including the ability to manage company subsidies and payroll deductions
  • Consolidate sales tickets for commercial invoicing
  • Additional modules automate Commercial Safety Shoe billing and Shoe Mobiles; including the ability to manage subsidies and payroll deductions.

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