Great software systems are only as great as your ability to use them. Soft Intelligence offers a wide variety of training options that help you make the most out of your software investment.

We offer classroom training in our facility located in Roswell, Georgia; on-site training at your offices; or internet based “webinars” to accommodate multiple users in multiple locations. Our staff of trainers have years of classroom experience along with actual real world experience as end-users of the software. In all cases, we tailor the training to your unique requirements. We don’t force you to review parts of the software that are not applicable to your needs and requirements.

The time to start planning on continuing education and enhancing your knowledge and use of the software is now. The more you learn about CounterPoint’s features and functions, the greater the return on your software investment. Soft Intelligence offers an annual Users Conference to help you hone your skills and learn about new capabilities.

Data Conversion
CounterPoint SQL includes built-in data import routines that minimize the effort required to setup a new system. With our experience and CounterPoint SQL’s built-in tools, we have the ability to migrate almost any accounting and inventory data into CounterPoint. Soft Intelligence has extensive experience migrating data from QuickBooks, QuickBooks POS, CounterPoint Version 7, RealWorld, Macola, and a host of other applications. Even if all you have is a spreadsheet, we can help!

Network Security
CounterPoint SQL was built from the ground up with built-in end-user security and Microsoft SQL database reliability and stability. The system is a major component of being PCI compliant.

However, good database security and reliability are based on good network configurations and proper network management. Soft Intelligence has extensive experience implementing secure network environments. We configure Microsoft Windows domain controllers, fire walls, password security, automated data backup, and anti-virus to ensure maximum security and up time. Management services allow us to monitor your environment to prevent problems before they occur.

PCI Assistance
Do you know what an ASV is? Have you been asked to complete an SAQ? Has your credit card provider forwarded your contact information to a QSV? Are you getting bombarded with questions about your PCI compliance? Soft Intelligence can help!

Soft Intelligence understands the alphabet soup of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and can work with you to answer any questions your credit card processor may have. CounterPoint is PCI complaint, but software is only a small portion of the requirements. We can help configure your network security, including routers, firewalls, and wireless access. We can also help maintain your network and all of the policy and procedure manuals that PCI compliance entails.

We can help you answer the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) received from the Qualified Survey Vendor and prepare you for some “passive” attacks by your Authorized Scanning Vendor (ASV).