Accounts Receivable Plus

CounterPoint SQL’s Accounts Receivable module provides all the functions you need to age accounts, apply cash, assess finance charges, and produce statements. But what if you need more? CounterPoint Accounts Receivable Plus from Soft Intelligence adds recurring billing, calculates average days to pay while also keeping up with year-to-date, last-year, and life-to-date sales figures for each of your customers.

A/R Plus allows for an unlimited number of recurring transactions for any customer. Billing cycles can be set to weekly, monthly, or annual. If you need to bill quarterly, simply set the recurrence cycle to every 3 months. You can use the A/R Plus days to pay calculations to help determine when to extend your customers additional credit, and when to ask for payments in advance. Average days to pay calculations also significantly improve cash flow predictions. Lastly, the A/R Plus maintained sales totals makes it easy to quickly rank customers by YTD, Last Year, and Life to Date sales totals.