Extending CounterPoint

CounterPoint SQL was built on a unique “framework” that allows for, and even encourages, customizations to the software. Incorporated into the software is an “active” data dictionary on top of a Microsoft SQL Database. New tables and columns (fields) can be added to the SQL database and then easily added to the CounterPoint Data Dictionary. The end result is a fully integrated solution that meets your unique requirements.

Soft Intelligence has a wealth of experience building solutions to meet unique customer requirements. Many of these solutions have been made available as standard CounterPoint “Extensions”. If you don’t find your specific needs listed, we can build a custom solution for your unique business–just give us a call!

Tobacco Wholesalers
CounterPoint is an excellent solution for independent grocers and distributors. If you sell tobacco products you have to report sales back to the major manufacturers. Comply with their data requirements or lose your distributor’s license. Soft Intelligence’s Multi-Cat Reporting for CounterPoint SQL meets all of MSA’s data reporting requirements. We even provide for tracking and validating the Tobacco and DEA reseller permits your customers HCG Diet must keep on file with you. The solution is even available for CP Version 7 users.

Enhanced Accounts Receivable
CounterPoint SQL’s Accounts Receivable module provides all the functions you need to age accounts, apply cash, assess finance charges, and produce statements. But what if you need more? Soft Intelligence’s Enhanced A/R for CounterPoint SQL calculates average days to pay while also keeping up with year-to-date, last-year, and life-to-date sales figures for each of your customers.

Price History
Automated Price History lookups go further than the standard CounterPoint Zoom function. Instead of looking at the most recent sales, Soft Intelligence extends CounterPoint SQL functionality by automatically searching price history for the customer’s actual purchase price of the line item currently being added to the ticket. Our extension speeds up check out by quickly letting you respond to customer queries for “the last price paid” on an item.

Furniture Stores
Details coming soon! Contact Soft Intelligence for more information.

ATF Bound Book
Details coming soon! Contact Soft Intelligence for more information.

Item Based Commission Codes
Details coming soon! Contact Soft Intelligence for more information.