Furniture Store Plus


Furniture stores have several unique needs that are not standard functions inside of CounterPoint SQL. Our Furniture Plus customization extends the CounterPoint SQL functionality to include those industry specific needs. Furniture Plus allows for up to four salespeople on a ticket and automatically calculates split commissions based on the number of salespeople and their individual commission rate. Furniture Plus includes reporting for written and delivered sales, allowing business owners the flexibility to determine which compensation structure best fits their individual needs. Furniture Plus also provides the ability to set item specific commissions, either percentage based or flat spiff based, to create incentive based product pushes.

From a sales and purchasing point of view, Furniture Plus adds the additional features to help businesses insure that the correct special order information is included on all pertinent documents. In addition to item specific prompt fields, we have added an item notes field to allow salespeople to provide additional order details specific to any particular item. We then provide the ability to automatically transfer those prompt fields and item notes to your purchase order, reducing ordering time and improving order accuracy.