WorkWear Plus

Commercial shoe retailers face a unique set of challenges beyond those of a typical shoe store. Safety shoe retailers have to accommodate commercial clients that subsidize employee shoe purchases and also offer employees the ability to pay for safety equipment via payroll deductions. Servicing commercial clients often include being able to accommodate a myriad of billing options, consolidated invoicing, customer-specific price discounts, and sending the shoe store to the client via “Shoe Mobile”, to name just a few.

WorkWear Plus from Soft Intelligence extends the capabilities of CounterPoint SQL to handle all of the requirements faced by Commercial and Industrial Safety Shoe retailers.

WorkWear Plus starts by giving you the ability to identify Commercial customers within your standard CounterPoint SQL database. WorkWear Plus adds “Parent” customers that will be billed for sales of shoes and safety equipment to their “child” employees.

WorkWear Plus processes unique sales tickets to individual employees and automatically consolidates the sales tickets, by customer purchase order, into commercial invoices. Built-in CounterPoint capabilities let you e-mail, print, or save the invoices. With the WorkWear Plus add-on module, you get a complete “parent/child” accounts receivable solution for your commercial accounts. The client receives one “master” invoice rather than hundreds of sales tickets, you receive one payment, and your accounts receivable personnel only have one cash application to apply.

Commercial shoe retailers typically must identify inventory styles with far greater detail than the traditional footwear retailer. Commercial clients need to be aware of safety ratings, electrical hazard capabilities, insulation, waterproofing, and a host of other classifications.  The WorkWear Plus module takes advantage of CounterPoint’s extensive list of user-definable item fields and adds all the additional fields that safety shoe retailers need.

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