Rewards Plus and Loyalty Plus

Rewards+ is a new Soft Intelligence POS module designed specifically with pet retailers in mind.


Rewards Plus is a customer loyalty program that rewards customers for purchasing a certain amount of items (i.e bagged pet food, canned pet food, or treats) within a predetermined amount of time (i.e. one year or nine months). While many loyalty programs claim to automate your store R+ really does! You no longer have to track UPC codes or use punch cards to keep track of how many bags a customer has bought. All you have to do is select what items you want included in the program, sign customers up, and that’s it! R+ will automatically track customer purchases, customer redemption, and automatically generate all the paperwork you need.

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Loyalty+ is the POS module pet retailers have been waiting for!

Loyalty Plus (L+) is one of Soft Intelligence’s newest enhancements to NCR CounterPoint helping to automate customer donations. It has never been easier to transfer customer reward points to your favorite charity, local shelter or humane society! It’s as easy as 1,2,3 when all you have to do is…
Ask, Click, and Donate.