Smart Alerts

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You can’t be in two places at once…but SmartAlerts can!
Be alerted to significant events as they happen.


Providing you with instant intelligence, CounterPoint SmartAlerts is a unique service that analyzes your CounterPoint data and transactions. Alerts, which can easily be configured for your business, are sent via text message or email when SmartAlerts discovers an action that meets the criteria you establish.

-Track Returns and Refunds
-Track large sales
-Track store openings and closings

These alerts help you watch your business at all times so that immediate action can be taken against alerted activity that could potentially affect your bottom line. Even if you are in the store 24/7, knowing instantly when these actions are happening can make a significant difference. In addition, it enables an owner or store manager to stay connected to the store activities when they are away. SmartAlerts is a one-of-a-kind solution that is fully integrated with CounterPoint. For a single-site to multiple sites, SmartAlerts is your operation’s eyes and ears. Now you can be at all places at once. Sign up today!